Why do placid / non-aggresive dogs attack the Postie???

Why does a normally placid dog chase & attack the postie ?

I often encounter a dog, which by everyone’s account is the most placid animal and has never shown any aggression to anyone before. Then suddenly it has attacked and even bitten the postie!!

Why has this normally gentle; well trained dog sudden becomes overtly aggressive?

To understand what has happened we have to look at the world through the dogs eyes and interpret what we see with a dog’s brain.

A dog is on “guard duty” when in the house either by themselves or with their owners. (Protecting their territory)

Normally when people attend the house the owner invites them in and the dog ‘accepts them into their territory’, because the ‘ALPHA’ dog (owner) makes the rules.

However once a day a human comes to the edge of their territory and puts their scent into the territory (on the letters) and then is scared away by the dog barking at them or just by their presence by going to the edge of their territory (the door). The ‘ALPHA’ dog (owner) never stops this behaviour.

In the dogs mind they are chasing off this “rascal” every day. Each day he attempts to invade their territory but every day the dog scares him away.

The dog become more and more confident, the dog believes he is really powerful, dominating this rascal who always runs away.

Then suddenly the door is left open, or the dog is in the garden when the “rascal” appears. The embolden dog suddenly takes their chance to dominate this “rascal” and attacks them to prove their dominance.

The quiet, timid, calm dog suddenly acts out of character but completely normal for a dog, living in a dogs world.

A dog is a dog living in a human world; he does not understand our world. He just lives in it. Dogs do not understand what we say to them; they just learn how to react to sounds & body language. Dogs follow the lead of the “ALPHA DOG”