Feeding the Dog

“Feeding the dog”

Feeding is far more important then just supplying nutrients to the dog.

Feeding the dog increases your bonding and your position in the “pack”.

Today there are numerous dog foods on the market, tinned, wet, raw, dry, etc..,
Your personal preference may direct you to one over the other. If the directions are complied with, as shown on the product,, the dog should be fit and health.

Remember – These instructions are usually for an active dog, not receiving any additional food. Be aware that the manufactures have no idea of what additional treats/food/meals you give your dog.

It is your responsibility to ensure your dog is not over fed. Over feeding a dog is just as cruel as staving a dog. An over weight dog is more susceptible to joint problems, heart conditions, diabetes, heat stroke, respiratory problems, etc.

How to feed the dog

Basic rules:

• Never feed the dog before ALL the humans have eaten.

• Never leave food ‘down’ for the dog, after a reasonable time remove the food. (5 – 8 minutes)

• Before serving always ensure your ‘scent’ is on the food. This is achieved by rubbing the food in your hands. (Beware of hand creams, etc)

• When the dog is eating you should be able to remove the bowl, keep it in sight and return it to the dog without the dog become possessive or aggressive.

• When the dog is eating you should be able to put your hand in the bowl without the dog becoming possessive or aggressive.

• If you have a larger dog ensure the food is served at a higher level, this prevents digestive problems. (Level with chest)

• Always ensure there is clean drinking water available throughout the whole day.

Feeding the dog:

• Prepare the food; ensure you place your scent on it before serving.

• Place the dog in the sit. ( ‘SIT’)

• Ensure you obtain eye contact with the dog before placing on the bowl on the floor.

• Do not allow the dog to eat the food before you give the ‘TAKE’ command. (This is very important to ensure you are seen as the ALPHA dog)

• The dog must be calm before the food is delivered.

• Praise the dog once they have eaten the food.