Senior Dog Owners – Help you Vet to Help your dog

As an owner of a “Senior Dog”, your bond with them will be terrible strong. Often you will take them to the Vets for their yearly ‘M.O.T.’

However the Vet will only have a ‘snap shot’ of your dogs condition. You are with your dog every day and hopefully will notice when their behaviour changes. Often we pass off a change in behaviour as “its normal when they gets older” and never think of mentioning it to our Vet on our routine visit. This can be a BIG MISTEAK!!!!!

A dog is senior when:

under 9 kg = 9 years old
10 kg – 41 kg = 8 years old
over 42 kg = 7 years old

Behaviour to NOTICE & REPORT to your Vet :-

Getting ‘lost’ in the house or on walks
Difficulty negotiating obstacles
Standing wrong side of the door to go out
Staring at walls, floors or into space

Less willing to interact with you/other pets
Following you around the house more
Personality changes
Reduced response to learned commands

More sleeping during the day
Pacing, barking, whining at night

Indoor toileting at random sites
Decreased signalling of intent to toilet
‘Forgets’ to toilet when outside

Aimless wandering or pacing
Apathy and depression

All the above are signs that a dog amy be ‘suffering’ the effects of getting older. Your Vet maybe able to assist you with this behaviour and reduce the “difficult” side effects of getting older.

Please remember to mention any concerns you have about your dog to your Vet at your annual visit. However, if you are really worried do not wait until your next visit make that phone call today!!!!!!!!!!