New Dog Act – it affects you!!!!!!!!

Under the new Dog Act you are responsible for your dogs actions!!!!!!
On Friday at Maidson Magistrates Court (Kent). One of my clients appeared in court because her dog bite someone when she and her dog visited her mother’s house. (The incident happened before she contacted me to help train the dog).
The prosecution wanted the Magistrates to Destroy the dog, award £3,500 compensation and punish the owner (a young female student in her 20’s).
With the assistance of a statement I supplied the court; the outcome was 100 hours community service for the owner, she has to pay £500 compensation and the dogs future life has numerous restrictions on it (muzzles, check chain, lead in public, etc.) plus the owners home has to be redesigned to restrict the dog escaping or meeting people at the door without being closely supervised.
Beach of any of these conditions could end with a massive fine and the dog being destroyed!!!!!
Please remember YOU are responsible for you dogs actions. The new law is there to protect the PUBLIC not the dog!!!!!!!!