LUNGWORM WARNING – This time of the year is dangerous

Dogs eat “anything” which can include slugs, snails & occasionally frogs all can carry LUNGWORM (angiostrongylus vasorum). Foxes often carry the infection and act as carriers.
LUNGWORM is a life threatening disease; they attack the dogs’ heart & pulmonary arteries and is spreading throughout the country due to warmer wetter weather.
Dogs become infected by eating infected larvae which may be present in snails, slugs and frogs.
These slugs and snails are often digested accidently from water bowls, bones, toys, chews, etc……..
ALWAYS check your dogs’ drinking water regularly; raw hide chews often conceal slugs, etc in its folds……..
Dogs under 2 years old are more susceptible to LUNGWORM.
Signs and Symptoms can include:-
1> Breathing problems or coughing, tiring more easily.
2> Poor blood clotting leading to excessive bleeding from minor injuries, nose bleeds, bleeding into the eye and anaemia (paleness of gums).
3> Behavioural changes, seizures (fits), pain in the back (spin) weight loss, loss of appetite, vomiting and diarrhoea.
If in doubt = contact a vet immediately.
LUNGWORM can be treated but the earlier it is recognised the better the prognosis.