Hello my name is Francis and I am the Cheshire Dog trainer, my training philosophy is simple – Fun – for you, your family and your dog.

You and your dog will only learn if you are both HAPPY…

Owning a well trained, socialised, happy dog is a joy.

Everyone wants their dog to be an integral part of the family. A dog they can trust and take anywhere with them, knowing that it will not embarrass them nor will it “run off”.

Your dog should have a happy relationship with you, your family and the local community.

All these goals can be achieved by training your dog, to the standard you require, with the Cheshire Dog Trainer.

All dogs can achieve amazing results with:

  • Patience, dog training must reflect your dogs learning style and its ‘personal needs’.
  • Regular lessons supported by short regular training sessions at home.
  • The use of dog psychology, body language, tone of voice and words.