Dogs or Puppies eating their own faeces

If the dog/puppy shows an unhealthy interest in eating it’s own faeces it is important that you break the cycle.

Firstly be ready to take action, when it is time for your dog/puppy to go to the toilet (waking up, after food, after play, on a walk) look out for the “tell tell” signs they are preparing to go, (circling, smelling at the ground in a ‘searching’ manner, dogs favourite places – long grass, hedges, bare ground, etc…….).

Have a treat ready to distract the dog/puppy immediatley after the act. Praise the dog when the are going, I use the word “empty”. then immediatley offer them the reward with the words “clean dog” while they are enjoying the treat remove the faeces.cour This is easier in the garden as the dog/puppy can be placed in the house whilst you deal with the faeces.

It has also been discovered that in about 85% of cases adding PINAPPLE and/orĀ  COURGETTES makes the faeces taste horrible to the dogs.

I hope this advice helps