Dog Insurance

Owning a dog is an expensive experience.

If the dog becomes ill or injured the Vets BILL can be ENORMOUS!!!!!!

It is therefore essential that you consider PET INSURANCE. Beware —- you only get what you pay for, always read the policy well before signing up.

There are numerous companies offering cover and often your home insurance company can offer you “a deal”.

My advice is to think of what you require the look around for the best deal.

I noticed an offer in the paper = Tesco insurance via or 08452463839. Get a quote by 09th April 2013 and take out the policy within 30 days using a the CODE Pet30 you will receive a £30 gift voucher. If you are a Clubcard customer you get an additional discount.

I am not recommending Tesco Insurance as I have no professional experience in favour or against the company. I just saw the advert and am passing on the information.