Danger in the KITCHEN – Beware over Christmas

At Christmas time the kitchen is very busy and dogs are always on the look out for a “Free Meal”

You maybe suprised what common items are very dangerous to your dog.

These items include:-

Garlic and Onions; garlic is up to 5 times more dangerous than onions…….. dogs love caramalized onions!!!!!!!!!!

Grapes and Raisins; dogs have been known to eat a whole packet of dried raisins 1/2 kilo!!!!!!!

Chocolate & Caffine; chocolate is everywhere at Christmas so is caffine from coffee to energy drinks.

Alcohol and Bread Dough (rotting Apples); Fermentation of sugars by certain yeast results in the production of ethanol. Ethanol is dangerous to your dogs health.

Xylitol; is found naturally in low concentrations in fruits, some vegetables, berries and mushrooms. Commercially produced Xylitol is found in sugar-free candy and gums, desserts, cereals, beverages, and toothpaste, and it comes in a powdered form for baking and cooking.

Please take care over the Christmas period – Don’t ruin your holiday by urgent visits to the vets………..